70 gallon stock tank

Rubbermaid Stock Tank. Item #: 20-0429 50 Gallon $66.79. Item #: 20-0427 100 Gallon $73.69. Item #: 20-0424 150 Gallon $125.95. Item #: 20-0435 300 Gallon $199.99. The Rubbermaid Commercial Stock Tank features an oversized drain and durable, weather-resistant structural foam construction. - Durable structural foam resists weathering and cracking.Polyethylene (PE) Cover for 70 Gallon Cylindrical Tank: 70 Gallons: TC2436AF: $23.00: Cover for 72" Diameter CRMI Open Top Tanks: 72" dia. x 2" H: CRMI-72OTTC: $341.19: Polyethylene (PE) Cover for 73 Gallon Cylindrical Tank: 73 Gallons: TC3024AF: $41.00: Polyethylene (PE) Cover for 85 Gallon Cylindrical Tank: 85 Gallons: TC2832AF: $38.00 ...

SKU: FG424288BLA. The 100 Gallon Stock Tank has a sleek appearance and smooth black color that features an over-sized drain plug for easy draining and cleaning. Constructed from molded polyethylene for superior performance and long-lasting durability in all types of weather. Traditionally used for providing drinking water to farm animals.
Oversize drain plug makes for easy drainage and cleaning of stock tank; 1-1/2" oversize drain. Five sizes to fit all your watering needs; from 50 gallons up to 300 gallons. Optional all-plastic anti-siphon float valve provides constant water level. View/Download Images of This Product 4244 70 U.S. gal Stock Tank SPECIFICATIONS U.S. Metric ...
80 Gallon Stanless Steel Horizontal Tank, 18″ Dia. X 70″ Long Stock #240-005 Used approximately 80 gallon stainless steel horizontal tank, 18″ diameter X 70″ long.
I had 1500w on my 400g, and it was barely enough to keep it in the high 70's during the winter. But the tank was in my garage, so the room was a lot colder. Before you determine how much juice you need, you need to find out what's the coldest temp the room will hit. A tank indoors will need a lot less watts than a tank kept in an uninsulated ...
70 Gallon, Black Stock Tank, 24"H x 32"W x 40.5"L, Durable Structural Foam Plastic, Single Piece Seamless Construction, Engineered To Withstand Cold Weather, High Winds & Ill-Tempered Animals, Rustproof, Dent, Crack & Corrosion Resistant Even When Frozen Solid, Heavy Duty Reinforced Underside Ribs, Caged Heaters & Float Valve Systems Are Accepted, Drinker's Wide, Tilt Back Opening Makes It ...
This is the Hastings 22GA Steel Round End Stock Tank, 2' x 2' x 3', 74 Gallon. Like the Hastings Black Label stock tanks, our Green Label stock tanks are manufactured with the same attention to detail and quality workmanship. To create a more price sensitive option, we use a 22GA sidewall on our Gre
Jun 16, 2020 · Drill 4 holes in your stock tank within a 2ft square section (2 holes for your pool pump and 2 for your hot water input/outputs). One 2-3/4″ hole on the top left of your 2ft section, and another 2-3/4″ on the bottom right. One 7/8″ hole on the top right and one 7/8″ on the bottom left.
Currently, the best stock tank is the Rubbermaid Commercial. Wiki researchers have been writing reviews of the latest stock tanks since 2015. ... It features a 70-gallon capacity, and its stepped sidewalls and reinforced ribbing provide strength and stability.
70 gallon stock tank with an 1.25" drain plug. Durable, impact resistant poly construction to absorb force with out breaking or cracking. Aqua green color only.
Hey everyone, so I recently broke down my 180 gallon Saltwater tank due to a recent crash and was just getting expensive. So now I have a clean 180 gallon tank that I am in the process of cycling and want to stock it with some Sanke Goldfish or Shubunkins. I know that they are considered pond fish but LiveAquaria.com states that 180 gallon would be the minimum to keep these guys.
Description. Available in 50, 70, 100, 150, and 300 gallon capacity. Store pickup only. Rubbermaid Structural Foam Stock Tanks are built tough for superior performance and long-lasting durability in all kinds of weather extremes. They are great for watering livestock, feeding, or storing non-toxic solids and liquids.
Heavy galvanized tank bottoms (20 ga.). Heavy, reinforced steel tube rolled into the top lip for added strength and durability.Item: 50130218Color: GalvanizedWidth: 24Height: 12Length: 72Weight: 4 STOCK TANK SHALLOW GALV 70 GAL - Peavey Mart